9 Strategies to attract Million Visitors From Social Media


Have you ever thought that Importance of website for your business? Yes, websites will tell more about our business than anyone else. Rather than a normal website design always concentrate on great looking design. Even though users came to our websites if the design is not good then they want to go much quicker.  A good website design is more important to get the more traffic. A great design is nothing but the eye-catching textual style or maybe that vibrant shading, hover animations, simply good looking. With the design only you have to stick your visitors to our website.

Make your Website Mobile friendly:

The Internet came to small screens from large screens. No one wants to see at the desktop to search for anything. So inform mobile-friendly feature to your website developers in the starting stage of website development.

Maintain Social Media links in Your Website

Maintain a company page on all social media platforms and link those social media sites to your websites. Give the social media links to your website developers and make those links as clickable links in your web pages. So if any organic user wants to see your social media activity then they will click and see the activity in all platforms.

Publish your Articles:

Social sites are having the most of the website developers and most of the audience to read more articles about the new technologies. So we can use these sites as traffic resources. Lets write some articles on some unique topics related to your website and give the link to your website to any attracting word in your article  and publish those articles in the various prior article submission sites like Hubpages, Inbound.org etc.. If once your article is accepted then the traffic to those websites will directly come to our website through that linked keyword.

Attract by Videos:

Video marketing is the best way in this era to easily attract the visitors. Make animated videos regarding the latest techniques in your industry or make a video on how your industry will work, include some achievements in that videos. Publish these videos in the Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms with your website link. Then we can get the more social media followers as our website visitors.

Create Brand Awareness:

Polls will create the interest in the audience and increase the engagement with our posts. Let's run your poll with a technical issue or else complicated doubts or funny things etc. whatever it is our main aim is to get the attention of people and they should know about our brand. Make sure that your poll should have the perfect question, users should be eager to answer, and much informative.

Tag the Influencers:

Influencers are the celebrities in social media having the thousands of followers. Depends upon post try to tag your industry related influencers in your posts. By tagging like this we can get the traffic from the influencer followers.

Increase your page likes and followers:

If we have the more page likes and followers we don't want to promote our posts. To increase likes of your page then share your posts among different people, groups. In twitter, retweet the tweets of your competitors and get the attention of them. After you getting a lot of following then always write the blogs on your website and share those in your social media with the blog link.

Photo Sharing:

A picture will speak more than words. To get the more and more visitors we can do it through photos. Make the attractive pictures about your business and share those pics on websites like Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram with your related webpage link to that pic. So by clicking on those pictures users will drive to your website.

Submit Your Opinion:

This is another way to get exact traffic to our site. After reading the blog or article of others write a questioning or interesting to that topic as your opinion in the comment section and leave your website URL in the website field. If other readers attracted by your comment then they definitely want to see what you are. After they clicking on your name in the comment section they will drive to your website.


A social media is a main and great source to drive traffic. To get more visitors then use social media wisely. After getting the visitors you have to stick the visitors to your site by good website design from expert developers and use the hover animations effects. So first concentrate on the website designing and make sure that your website is ready for all the activities of your business. After completion of the website design then only focus on the traffic.


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